about me


My name is Tina Hesskew, I am a spiritual eclectic and like to play with alchemy in herbs, aromatherapy and essential oils.

All of the above have helped my heal in certain ways over the years and now I have learned how not only use them on my body but also around the house in solved problems like odor in the bathroom or pesky insects.

I run a diffuser a lot, especially in the winter time, depending on what I am feeling decides what mixes of oils I put in it.  If I’m feeling like Christmas you can bet cinnamon and orange will be going int there.  If I a feeling a bit like a cold is coming on, I will use lemon, geranium an eucalyptus.

That’s just a tiny glimpse at all the issues and possibilities that herbs, aromatherapy and essential oils can be used for.

Thanks for stopping by and take a look around.

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